Get the new Georgia LP, Asemic Club, available online at RVNG and at the aNYthing store in NYC!

Here's a sampler vid:

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A fitting description by Maggie Lee:

Justin Tripp and Brian Close
*Includes an oversized newsprint poster

The members of GEORGIA have created a new polyrhythmic movement with their scandalous wealth of music.

A few core instrumentalists of the Asemic Club include a teenager playing an electronic drum kit in the basement of Sam Ash, a woman playing a saw with a bow, a griot from Mali, Delia Derbyshire enthusiasts, and a gang of children from North Korea.

SIDE A : sounds like…

-cinematic visions of discovering new land
-a lemming playing a guitar solo in the desert
-episode of Seinfeld with a jungle twist
-dirty disco
-the utterance of your nightmare going away
-pygmy performance
-a contempo cowboy’s tale
-an instrumental synth set teenagers cry to
-bouncing a big ball by yourself to the beat of your brain
-the sound when you run your finger along the rim of a glass of wine
-feedback morphing into a melody
-woodwind mitosis
-plucking all of Suzuki’s book for advanced players
-sensual sunset in Miami

SIDE B : sounds like…

-music of your mother’s ancient land mixed with your favorite dj set.
-melody of a circuit bent chirp
-idioms of distortion and dissonance
-on a raft floating down the Congo
-binaural beats that induce panic
-Haitian zombi takeover
-cryptic salt shaker
-laying on the lawn outside a rave powered by Electribe
-working in an industrial metal factory and sweating
-Thompkins Square Park at night
-mixing ideas of the new and old world

-Maggie Lee


Our buds at the PSYDUST label gathered a sludgeload of our tracks onto casette + packaged them excellently.

Here are some snippets:

Available here now:

Some other vids for Georgia trackings :)